The Seakeeper is designed to require minimal maintenance as most of the critical parts operate in a sealed environment. External of the sphere, the closed loop hydraulic circuit and cooling circuit should be periodically inspected and serviced per the operating manual provided with the unit.

Download the Recommended Maintenance Schedule

Warranty & Registration

To ensure peace of mind, all Seakeeper products come with a multi-year factory warranty. See details below:

  • Seakeeper’s standard warranty: 2-year/2,000-hour standard warranty
  • Extended Warranty Options:
    • Silver Extended Warranty: 2-year extension
      • If you’re using your boat approximately 500 hours or less per year, the Silver Extended Warranty will ensure you don’t run out of time on your warranty before you run out of hours.
    • Gold Extended Warranty: 2-year extension + 1,000 SEA hours
      • If you’re using your boat up to 750 hours per year, the Gold Extended Warranty gives you more all-around coverage, so you don’t run out of time or hours.
    • Platinum Extended Warranty: 3-year extension + 2,000 SEA hours
      • You asked for even more coverage than our Silver and Gold Extended Warranties, so we introduced the Platinum Extended Warranty for our largest coverage option yet!
    • Price varies depending on the model but generally ranges from 5-13% of retail depending on the model and the policy


Love your Seakeeper? So do we! In fact, so much so, that we will take it back. Should you desire additional performance or simply be looking to a new unit for peace of mind, we have you covered. Trade in your existing Seakeeper and upgrade to our latest and greatest model offering.

No Hassle Installation
Worried about the cost and time involved in modifying existing structure for a new Seakeeper model? Don’t worry, Seakeeper has kits available to adapt existing structure to new Seakeeper models.

Peace of Mind
All trade-in models come with a new two-year warranty, as well as the devoted support of our global network.